Another common questions

I want to try to play MonsterBit. What is this game about?

The MonsterBit project was developed as a game - a clone of the CryptoKitties game but withspecific improvements. As a result it turned out to clone everything that is in the game CryptoCats (unique genes, the conclusion of new characters, character store) and we also added new functionality that distinguishes us from cryptokitties: monster fights, description of monsters, group fights, monster rating system, territorial monster referral. Additionally we have created our own game infrastructure and community, which lives its own life. We have anreferral program in which we encourage the attraction of new members. We have our own currency for which you can buy something in your country from other members of the community. We welcome new investors and offer them branded characters and weapons. We have contests and various draws for members of the community. We tried so that each person with his specific needs and character could find himself in the Game and do what he considers the most effective and necessary receiving his reward for this.

Where to begin?

Register and buy yourself a cheap monster in our store. Try to buy a second one and make a lot of little kids or find a partner to create children. After all that discover our game in more detail and you will surely find what you need to do next.

What is the minimum game entry threshold (ETH)?

The minimum threshold is the sum of the cost of your monster + transaction fees + your needs. If you want to pump your monster and start winning battles - this is one amount. If you want to become a business partner and earn along with the game - this is a different amount. If you don’t want to spend a lot, but are ready to work on a project, then you can don’t invest at all and start earning with us through an affiliate program. If you want to advertise something on our resource then at least you can buy yourself a monster and pay for advertising.

How and why to feed, buy weapons and equipment, etc.?

Through the feeding the little monster becomes an adult. Also feeding affects the reduction of recovery time after your monster has been used to cross and play a new monster. Weapons and protection are necessary attributes for a monster to participate in battles. Read about the other features of the game and the community in this guide of questions and answers.

Can I use the image of my monster on my own?

Yes, for personal purposes you can use the monster at your discretion. However toi use monsters for commercial purposes - you must obtain written permission from Administration. All images are unique and are the intellectual property of the company.

I did not find the answer to my question

If you have not found the answer to your question you can ask it in our telegram chat: or in the community forum: and we will answer you.

Can I play for FREE?

YES, you can test the game, purchase / sale of monsters, their production and FIGHT in our test site at: - this resource has some limitations and works on the Etherium "Rinkeby" test network.