All about Dividends in ETH

How to start receiving dividends?

To receive dividends from the game process your tokens must be exchanged for the game Promotions (System Monsters). You can do this in your token account:

When do dividend payments happenning?

Dividends paid monthly from the 25th to the 5th. Payout reports can be read in your token account:

Where can I see payout statistics?

You can see the statistics of payments in your token account: Same place you can use to withdraw your dividends.

What is the profitability of 1000 MB tokens?

The profitability of the tokens themselves is zero. MB tokens do not pay dividends, dividends are brought by shares bought for tokens (System Monsters). Formula for calculating the yield per 1000 shares: yield = (dividend payments / number of shares issued) * 1000. No one can predict what number of shares will be issued in a given month but since the only instrument for which you can buy the shares is a MB token and the established rate is 1 to 1, then the issued Shares will ALWAYS be less than 4,082,743 units (the issued number of MB tokens).

How are dividends paid?

Dividends are paid in ETH (cryptocurrency etherium) by crediting ETH to the dividend contract. The calculation of profit shares takes place simultaneously in accordance with how many Shares and shareholders are currently registered in the system. The share contract independently divides the total amount received in ETH in proportion to the number of shares of one or another holder in relation to the total number of shares at the time of dividend accrual.

I want to buy shares of the game - how do I do this?

The only tool for which you can buy shares of the game (System Monsters) is the MB token, you can exchange it for shares with a ratio of 1 to 1 in your token account:

I have a big business, we produce goods. How can I help project and get a share?

Because MB tokens is the only way to get a share in the project (Shares on which dividends are accrued), then the easiest way for you is to offer your goods or services for MB tokens. When setting the price, keep in mind that your exchange rate (ruble / token, dollar / token, etc.) should be at least 3-5 times more attractive than the price of the current offer to sell the token on the ForkDelta exchange. You can also start producing products with our symbols. Receiving permission to release products is not complicated but you must get this permission in writing from us. From our side we are ready to provide you with advertising support and notify our players and investors about the opportunity to purchase such products.