How to earn in game?

How do I make money with you?

Referral program, buying and selling monsters, searching for a unique gene and selling expensive monster, award money from winning battles.

How much can I earn by generating monsters?

If you create a unique monster with a special combination of genes this monster will have a diamond icon. Such a monster receives a + 30% bonus in battle, regardless of the level of his gene. These are very valuable monsters that win more often and bring their owners more victories. Such monsters are rated at least 0.5 ETH.

Buying Gen0 at auction

Sometimes a game generates monsters of the zero generation and starts an auction on them. This happens 1 time for every 7 registered purchases. Starting bid price: 1.5 ETH, Final bid: 0.2. If you successfully buy such a monster then you can sell it a little more expensive. First these prices will not change NEVER. Secondly the lower the GEN level, the more bonuses such a monster receives in battle which makes it more valuable in the game compared to other monsters.

I am a blogger / news agency / news portal. What can you offer?

If you have a very wide audience of your own, which you can attract to the game, then, in addition to the affiliate program. We can also offer you a gift in the form of a unique monster with your logo.

Do you have any ideas?

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