All about Fighting

How is a fight considered?

Before the start of the battle additional bonuses ofmonster and player are calculated. Then there is a direct calculation of each step of the impact. You can read more about the battle progress and the algorithm itself here:

How is an extra generation bonus considered?

An additional bonus that sometimes pops up in battle with a particular monster is considered as follows. In a 1 on 1 battle the difference between the LEVEL of the gene of one and the second monster is calculated. For each step of this difference 5% is randomly added to the health, strength, agility or accuracy of this monster. For example: a monster of the 3rd generation and the 6th takes part in the battle. Generational difference: 3. 3x5% = 15%. 15% are randomly added to one of the fighting properties of this monster and after that the calculation of the battle begins in steps. ATTENTION: only 25% can be added as a maximum.

How do weapons and defense work in battle?

Read the information in the battle description:

How to choose an opponent?

At the moment the choice of the enemy is random but in near future we will introduce the possibility of choosing the enemy from those who are also waiting for participation in the battle.

How to calculate the probability of winning a battle?

You can study the battle calculation algorithm and mathematically calculate the probability of victory on your own. More details here: