All about Monsters

How to buy a Monster?

You can buy any monster shown in our store for sale. Button "Buy" will become available after you register and sign in. In the store of monsters, you can use filters, sortingand pick up a monster for the right price and properties.

What can a monster do?

A monster can produce unlimited number of new monsters. Your monster can advertise any products or services of your choice. Monster can participate in battles paid. A monster can be pumped, fed with energy, which gives him(her) extra strength in battles.

How is the monster genome arranged?

You can see detailed information on the gene of any monster by API: number#. More information can be found on API section of this FAQ.

How to get a unique gene?

The game has an algorithm for creating a unique combination of genes, which randomly allows you to get a monster with additional fighting qualities.

How do advertising monsters work?

Each of your monsters can begin to advertise some kind of service, product or service. To do this, the opportunity to add a unique description and name to your monster is implemented. In this description you can add a link to your website, product or your mobile number. These monsters and their promotional offers in addition to being available through direct links they will also be on the list of "Advertising Monsters". Links to them will be offered to get acquainted with the system and promotions paid by the company management.

Stuck monster withdrawal

# Stuck monster withdrawal Recently the MonsterBit contracts were upgraded to apply a fix to a bug introduced by the Ethereum hardfork. However, some monsters might have become stuck in previous version of either Auctions or Battles contract. Right now these monsters are unavailable for most actions. ## Withdrawal from Auctions If the monster is stuck in either Sale or Breeding auction, the monster's owner can free it with the following steps: 1. Get the `monster_id` of the particular monster, which is the monster's number in the system: * go to the MonsterBit [site]( * open the monster's page and check the link, it should be like `` * `1719` is the monster's number. 2. Create a transaction to Ethereum to withdraw the monster: * open the browser and unlock Metamask * select `mainnet` and the address which owns the monster * open old Auction's page on Etherscan: [Sale]( or [Breeding]( * find the text `Write Contract Connect to Web3` and press `Connect to Web3` * approve and connect Etherscan to Metamask * scroll down to the block `10. cancelAuction`, put there montster's number (`1719` in this example) * press `Write` and approve the transaction with Metamask * after the transaction is mined monster will become fully functional ## Withdrawal from Battles Extra help from the project is required. ### PS. Full list of Monsters, stacked in Old Market you can download [here](