Partner program

How the affiliate program works, where to start?

Referral program is single-level but multi-ranked. You get a percentage of all the expenses that your referrals make. Depending on how many paid actions are committed by your referrals you get from 25 to 40% the activity of referrals forms your rank and the rank affects the percentage. In order for a player to become your referral it is necessary that he visits the site and rsign up in the game using your link. When you visit the site using your link your referral code is assigned to him in COOKIE which is stored there for 1 week. If within a week he makes a registration then he becomes your referral,and for each paid action performed by him in the game you will get your percentage from his earnings. You can start by downloading our advertising banners and notifying all your friends and acquaintances about the game inviting them to go to the site using your link!

How much does a partner earn?

First-rank partners earn 25% of all the funds that their referrals brought to the game. Partners of the 2nd rank earn 35%, partners of the third level receive 40%. To become a partner of the 2nd or third rank, it is necessary that your referrals perform 100 or 300 paid actions in the game, respectively, within the first month. The system itself will charge you a higher level if it records a good activity.

When and how are referral payments made?

referral program payments are made during the billing period as are dividend payments. From the 25th to the 5th of each month. Payments are made by depositing the earned ETH on the referral program contract. The transaction for the issuance of earned ETH from the contract is carried out at the expense of the partner.

What should I do / how to attract referrals?

We accept any source of traffic attracting new players. It can be your blog your social page registration by QR code which you can advertise in the offline by any means available to you.

Can I advertise the game offline, how can I do this to get new referrals?

Correct you can attract new players using offline advertising. In oprder to make it you will need to make sure that the visitor to the site will come to him through special link containing your REF code. In order to make it you can use the built-in QR image generator which is available when selling your monster or use external services for generating QR images or Short links so that it is easier for a potential player to enter an address.

What is the most effective strategy for attracting new referrals?

The most effective way we consider creating fan resource of the game in your language with a complete overview of all the rules and nuances of the game. As well as paid and free advertising on sites with a large number of people and the crypto community. Many people like our monsters! Also if you have your own audience not related to the crypto industry then you can teach your audience about the game by offering to familiarize yourself with the game through your referral link.

If I speak another language - what should I do?

You are very lucky if no one has yet made a translation of the rules an overview of the gameplay, questions and answers in your country in your native language !!! You can become an opinion leader the main partner for everyone in your country! We are ready to support you. We made support for the resource in Russian and English. If you translate the FAQ section into your language, add You-tube reviews with translation into your language - this will help to attract all the people of your country to your referral link. If you have difficulties creating a site we are ready to provide you with a section on the forum in your language so that it is easier for you to start.

I want to place my brand in your game

This issue is discussed separately with each representative of your brand. We are open to communication write with your proposal to Alexei in Telegram: @ alexerm777