All about Tokens

MB Token. What is that?

This is the currency that can be used to sell something useless and buy something useful through our forum. This is also the currency that you can use for unique description and name for your monster. Besides that, it is the only tool that you can use to buy MonsterBit Game shares (system monsters) to get dividends from the Game. The Token itself is the token of Etherium Network., format ERC-20. Token has a limited edition. Emission has been finished and will never be re-initiated, no more tokens will be issued additionally to existing amount. Total emission: 4.082.743 tokens, further emission not possible. Link to MB token in Etherium network:

I have MB tokens -- What can I do with them?

Read the answer: "What is MB token"?

What can I buy for MB tokens?

1. You can buy a unique name and description for your monster. For example your monster will be able to advertise some of your goods or the service that you provide - this way the principle of advertising monsters that will be used for PR of your Brand, Services and Products is implemented. 2. You can exchange MB tokens for the Shares of the game (System Monsters) and start receiving dividends from the game process, in proportion with how many System Monsters you have on hand.

How to mine MB tokens? (Where can I earn MV tokens)

Mining using the processing sources of your computer or ASIC for these tokens DO NOT exist as such. AnywayMB tokens can be earned by helping the project and token holders. Competitions from the team as well as proposals for the purchase of goodsand services are published on our forum: - participate and earn tokens! You can post your offers on any goods or services on this forum for MB tokens, this is how you will earn them.

How and where to buy / sell MB tokens?

You can buy or sell MB tokens on the decentralized ForkDelta exchange, also making personal agreements with token holders. You can find holders on our forum:

I am a major investor, I want a stake in the project. How to get a lot of tokens?

To redeem tokens on the ForkDelta exchange is the easiest way. All offers to buy tokens on the exchange are actual offers that you can redeem yourself. It will take no more than 15 minutes of your time. Anyway not all tokens are on the stock exchange.Many of them bought shares (system monsters). Shareholders receive dividends and are not interested in holding tokens on the exchange because they do not see this as economic gain for themselves. If you have serious intentions you can not only redeem tokens offered on exchange but also place onexchange a profitable offer to buy a significant number of tokens at better prices than those that are currently posted on exchange.